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The Busy Bee' s Mini Flower Shop

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Make your own Mini Flower Shop!Print, cut, fold and glue! Are you like me and like to doodle with tiny, little things? Then this might be for you:)  W

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Make your own Mini Flower Shop!

Print, cut, fold and glue! Are you like me and like to doodle with tiny, little things? 

Then this might be for you:)  With digital file you can make a tiny little flower shop for The Busy Bee - Alberta!

I plan to make many more of these. Different rooms, different themes, but this one is the second one I have made.

I have so much fun making them - and I hope they will bring you joy too! 

There is so much to explore with these tiny houses. And the face of the people who open them for the first time is priceless. You can use it to play with, collect them or put a happy note inside and give it to someone you love.

It is also a real fertiliser for the imagination - all kinds of stories can start here! It is tiny stuff - so a grown up is needed for the smallest parts.

The Busy Bee lives in a place called Strawberry Fields. Lots of other creatures live there too, but I haven`t started drawing all of them yet. But they are evolving in my sketchbook:)

This is downloadable print - no physical item will be shipped to you. Once you buy this you will be able to download the file and print as many as you want of this illustration. No need to wait for shipping! You can print it at home, at your local print shop or online. 

This is how you do it: 

Download the file. Open it in Adobe Acrobat. Print the sheet on A4 format paper in 100% scale. Best results are obtained with thicker paper, around 200 gsm. Please be aware that colours may vary due to monitor and printer settings. 

The illustration and digital download is strictly for personal use only. You’re welcome to use it for yourself or for gifts as many times as you like year after year, but not for commercial use or distribution.

Good luck and enjoy!